Pathfinders at St Mary's Shortlands (11-18 year olds)
'At Pathfinders we talk about life and how God is present in our lives.'
'Pathfinders is good because we make learning about God fun, but we are still learning.  We even have had water fights and got soaked.'
'I come to Pathfinders because it is a sense of community and being with friends.  It helps me to feel closer to God.'
Discussions and activities to enable our young people to explore what it means to be a Christian in today's world.  Pathfinders also have opportunities to meet together outside of Sunday mornings, including pizza evenings, holiday activities such as swimming parties and trips to Thorpe Park, and, in 2012, a skiing trip to Switzerland.
If you have any queries please contact Sally Aldred, our Junior Church Co-ordinator.
Tel: 020 8460 3978, email: Sally Aldred.