Online worship

While St Mary's will resume communal worship in church on 21st March we will stream all services through our newly-installed audio-visual system.  

To view our services, visit our Facebook videos page.  To watch a service live, look for a red 'live' or 'premiere' button.  Sometimes you will see a 'pop-up' message saying that you need to sign up to Facebook - you don't need to do this.  If it happens, simply click the 'not now' option.

Make sure you are using a strong internet connection - weaker connections may not show the video clearly or may 'lock up'.  If the video 'locks up' while you are watching, try refreshing/ reloading the page.

You can also view services later if you prefer, and you can find an archive of video updates and services on our Facebook page.

Our online services currently are:

Sundays:  10.30am Holy Communion
  11.30am   Coffee and Chat (on Zoom).  Please join us after the service - email the Parish Office or Revd Gary for further information.
Monday to Saturdays: 9.00am Morning Prayer
Wednesdays: 8.30pm Compline