St. Mary's Church endeavours to bring the love of God into the everyday lives of the people of Shortlands.

Life around St. Mary's

Forthcoming Services & Events

Sunday 17 May

6.30pm  Choral Evensong

Sunday 24 May - Day of Pentecost

10.30am  Family Communion

Sunday 31 May - Trinity Sunday

10.30am  Family Communion


Sunday 07 June

10.30am Family Communion

To be followed by a Traidcraft stall in church after the service


Sunday 14 June

10.30am Family and Parade Service

To be followed by the Parish Picnic (in the Hall, if wet)

Mission of the Month


Christian Aid

During Christian Aid Week (10-16 May) volunteers in Shortlands, together with thousands of others across the country, will be taking part in house to house collections raising money to help some of the world’s poorest people.

For 2015, Christian Aid Week focuses on people like Loko in Ethiopia, who walks alone for 8 hours a day to gather and sell firewood so she can feed her children. Thorns pierce her thin shoes and she is frightened of being attacked by hyenas. It’s a job she dreads but if she doesn’t do it her children will starve. Loko dreams of owning a cow one day; its milk would help her children to grow strong and she could also sell some and save to set up a small business. Just £150 is enough to buy a cow and a promising future for someone like Loko.

Our world is one of vast resources and amazing technological advances. Yet throughout the world there are communities where people struggle for food, education and access to the medicines and technology that others take for granted. Christian Aid is committed to long-term development to eradicate the causes of poverty, working to achieve equality, dignity and freedom for all regardless of faith or nationality.

When people work together, the world can be changed. So please look out for the red Christian Aid Week envelope that will be posted though your letter-box early in the week of 10th May, and be aware that an authorised collector will call back during the week to collect it.

For more information about the work of Christian Aid see the display at the back of church or

Facts and Figures

- 6000 people live in the parish

- 400 parishioners worship at St. Mary's

- Budgeted Annual income 2013  £174,000

- Budgeted Annual Costs 2013  £170,000

- 54% of our income comes from committed giving by our parishioners     


Can you give something back to your community? Contact the Church office for further information    

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Service Times


8.00am Holy Communion

10.30am Family Communion

6.30pm Evensong (3rd Sunday of the month only)


10.00am Holy Communion

Who's who

Reverend Morag Finch, Vicar

Reverend Richard Finch,
Associate Vicar

Reverend Jane Peters,
Associate Vicar

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