Children & Young People

‘If you’re between 2 and 16 and you don’t enjoy sitting through church with the adults, Junior Church is perfect for you.’

‘I like Junior Church because we play exciting games and learn about Jesus at the same time.’

‘You make a lot of new friends.’

‘It’s great!’


We enjoyed meeting in person for a short time over the Autumn term.  The children and young people explored a range of topics and did a varety of socially distanced activities in the hall.

However, as we are now back in lockdown we are unable to meet in person.  Each week we will share 'Ministry at home' materials, prepared by Rochester Diocese, for families to use.  We hope you find these useful and would be interested to receive your feedback.

You can find the latest materials here.

Any questions - please email Jo Eade or call 07972 326914.